Xmaster formula indicator forex is a flexible tool that can be used when trading currency pairs. The great advantage of this indicator is the fact that it is suitable for any duration, which guarantees estimation flexibility and simplicity.

The Xmaster Indicator Defined

First of all, we need to clarify what the Xmaster indicator forex is. It is a technical analysis-based instrument used by traders to identify trends. The tool is quite easy to apply. It is not necessary to be a proven financial expert to use or read it on a chart.

Despite its simplicity, the indicator may turn out to be a very powerful tool that can be customized to any period. What’s more, it can be used across different financial markets.

Judging by the indicator’s name, it is clear that We have a formula-based tool here. It comes with a built-in system that relies on stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands, and other technical indicators. They all help locate and identify support and response levels, as well as potential price changes.

The Xmaster formula indicator forex comes in many variations and versions. The one thing traders should keep in mind is that it is a no-repaint indicator. So, each version of the tool is quite the same though with a slightly different take on the way one will apply the formula. As for price trend identification, the concept is always the same.

Xmaster Formula Indicator Characteristics

First of all, we need to define the key features that define the indicator. They are as follows:

  • The indicator can be used to track major currency pairs;
  • The indicator works during the London trading session;
  • The timeframes include D1, H1, and H4;
  • It can be used together with MT4.

Despite the fact the indicator can provide pretty good results at first, it should be used together with other technical indicators that may refer to various categories. Consider the Xmaster formula indicator as a technical complement to your overall trading strategy and in-depth technical analysis.

Tips to Use Xmaster Formula Indicator forex

All you need is to keep an eye on the lines colored red and green. The red color is associated with buying while the green color is a selling signal. If you do not like these particular colors, you can change them in the indicator's settings along with the color of the area.

When using the tool, you will need to follow the two basic rules: the Sell and the Buy rule.

Buy Rules for Xmaster Formula MT4 Indicator

The first version of the indicator does not provide full access to its parameters and codes. Here are some baseline Sell rules you need to follow when using this type of indicator:

  • "Buy" when both arrows point down simultaneously.
  • "Buy" in case the price chart comes up with a solid bearish candle.
  • Use points above the signal candle height to place stop-losses.
  • Make the price difference every time the arrow turns yellow or consider the resistance support.

Sell for Xmaster Formula MT4 Indicator

And here are some baseline tips to follow the Sell rule:

  • "Sell" when the indicator turns green.
  • "Sell" when the indicator and the arrows both point up at the same time..
  • "Sell" in case the price chart comes up with a strong bullish candle.
  • Use points below the signal bar to place stop-losses.

Xmaster Indicator and Fx Lotus: Forex Insights

Fx Lotus is a company that specializes in offering investment services to its customers. They generate use of the power of the Xmaster Formula Indicator, a flexible tool in forex trading, to improve their investment solutions. This shows how the indicator is not only valuable for individual traders but also finds utility in professional investment firms like Fx Lotus.


The Xmaster Formula Indicator forex is a  flexible, easy-to-use tool for forex trading, offering best results when combined with other technical analysis methods. It's a useful asset in a balanced trading strategy.

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